Ozan International Food Centre

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Fresh International Bread

We currently have fresh bread perfected by our expert bakery chef, available every day starting early morning. Our in house bread includes Turkish and Polish. We also receive Italian and Polish pastries as well.

Fresh Vegetable Section

We do our very best to provide the most fresh, juicy and tasty vegetables to our customers. Because of this, we personally collect and bring in fresh vegetables twice a week. We constantly have new offers weekly on the vegetable section.

Range of International Products

We take pride in our wide selection of products from all around the world. We currently have products from over 20+ countries. We are constantly trying to improve on these numbers, expand our selections and bring the community a greater range of quality products.

Ozan Food Centre Fruits & Vegetables

Ozan's Fruits & Vegetables Area

Some Information

All of our Fruit & Vegetables are produced in environmentally friendly manner. 90% of our Fruit & Vegetables do not use plastic materials or covering, and arrive in environmentally friendly recyclable cardboard boxes. All the produce is grown in a natural environment in countries during the right season in the mainlands. This is why they are tasty and healthy at the same time. Our Fruits & Vegetables arrive from all over the world.

Featured Fruit & Vegetables Items

Our Range of Products

Apples Apples


5+ variations

Our variations include; Polish, Golden, Royal & Granny Smith

Onions Onions


5+ variations

Our variations include; Spring, Spanish, Red & White

Potatoes Potatoes


20+ variations

Our variations include; Sweet, Jacket, Cyprus, English, Red, 2kg & 5kg packs

Bananas Bananas


5+ variations

Our variations include; Regular & Green

Plantain Plantain


Yam Yam


Aloe vera Aloe vera

Aloe vera

Lettuce Lettuce


Our variations include; Iceberg, Chinese & Turkish/Cos

Fresh Herbs Fresh Herbs

Fresh Herbs

Our variations include; Parsley, Coriander, Dill, Rosemary, Basil & Chive

Mushroom Mushroom


Our variations include; Regular/Cup, Oyster, Portabello

Asparagus Asparagus


Pomelo Pomelo


Papaya Papaya


Coconut Coconut


Our variations include; Regular/Cup, Oyster, Portabello

Tomato Tomato


Our variations include; Cherry, Salad, Loose, Beef, Raspberry/Polish & Vine

Butternut Squash Butternut Squash

Butternut Squash

Medjoul Dates Medjoul Dates

Medjoul Dates

Beetroot Beetroot


Fresh & Packed

Casava Casava


Apple Custard Apple Custard

Apple Custard

Lychee Lychee


Fresh Chilli Fresh Chilli

Fresh Chilli

Our variations include; Jamaican, Kenyan, Red Dutch & Bullet

Okra Okra


Nectarine Nectarine


Peach Peach


Pear Pear


Our variations include; Prickly, Conference & Turkish

Melon & Watermelon Melon & Watermelon

Melon & Watermelon

Celeriac Celeriac